Arianna G.

Ambassadors and College Readiness Pathway at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2023

Hometown: McAllen, TX

Major: Marketing

Concentration: Sports Marketing

What is your advice to an incoming student?

Make sure you always study and try not to cram everything and wait till the day before a test to get things done.

Why did you choose to become a UTSA Ambassador?

I chose to become a UTSA Ambassador because I am a very social and welcoming person. I love talking to people and showing them around and trying to show them that UTSA is the best place for them.

Have you been in any leadership roles or received any recognition awards?

I have been in many leadership awards in high school. I was a varsity softball captain for 3 years and a volleyball captain for 2. I received many recognition awards from my coaches as well.

What are some skills that you feel that you have gained since attending UTSA?

I have always been social but moving to a bigger city and bigger campus taught me to become more social and open minded. I have also learned that studying is very important and is something that you can't go without in college.

I'm passionate about...

Playing & Watching sports

I'm involved with...

club softball
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