Destinie B.

Welcome Center Pathway and Ambassador at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2022

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Communications

Have you been in any leadership roles or received any recognition awards?

I currently am apart of a couple leadership positions in organizations such as Youth Behind Movement, Black Student Union, NAACP, Women of Honor, and My Sister's Keeper. I also got a scholarship from The Church Without Walls called the Johnelle West Scholarship.

What are some skills that you feel that you have gained since attending UTSA?

I have become more social because of the various clubs and organizations that I have been apart of. Being that I do live off campus, which is a different route for a freshman, I have learned to be more independent. But at the same time I have met many people that have had an impact in my growth here, in addition to my social personality. I think college gives you a lot of time to do whatever you please, so use your time wisely.

What is your advice to an incoming student?

UTSA is the most diverse university, go out and discover it. You will only get out of college what you put in so step out of your comfort zone. Join clubs, go to a game, meet new people because your most memorable moments start here. You have nothing to lose!

Why did you choose to become a UTSA Ambassador?

I enjoy interacting with people and persuading others to make important good decisions in their lives. I think college is a big decision and a huge life step that students have to make. Becoming a UTSA Ambassador gives me an opportunity to help others come to this university, in which I believe is one of the best schools you could go to.

I'm passionate about...

Online Shopping Networking Working with children Working Out Dancing

I'm involved with...

Women of Honor Black Student Union NAACP Tour Guide Women in Business Club
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