Hannah I.

Welcome Center Pathway and Ambassador at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2022

Hometown: Pflugerville, TX

Major: Public Health

Concentration: Epidemiology and Immunology

Minor: Psychology

Why did you choose to become a UTSA Ambassador?

College can be a huge adjustment and transition in someones life, I became a UTSA Ambassador to help make that decision a little easier for future students and to serve the UTSA community as a whole.

What are some skills that you feel that you have gained since attending UTSA?

Since coming to UTSA my interpersonal skills have grown and developed through interacting with new people and getting out of my comfort zone.

Have you been in any leadership roles or received any recognition awards?

Since my time here at UTSA I have been involved with the Ambassador organization in which I received the AIT of the year award and Ambassador of the month. I am also involved with the Public Health society and VOICES.

What is your advice to an incoming student?

My best advice to get involved on campus! UTSA offers tons of clubs and organizations and its the best way to make friends and make college feel a little more like home. Also, there are tons of resources on campus waiting to be used! Never be afraid to ask staff whats around and what is available to you.

I'm passionate about...

Reading Singing Emergency Medicine Helping Others Medicine

I'm involved with...

AIT Program Pre-Nursing Society
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