Madison H.

Ambassadors and College Readiness Pathway at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2023

Hometown: Wallis, TX

Major: Biology

Concentration: -

Secondary Major: -

Minor: -

Why did you choose to become a UTSA Ambassador?

I chose to become a UTSA Ambassador because it was a great learning opportunity and a really good way to meet and make new friends.

Have you been in any leadership roles or received any recognition awards?

I was a part of the National Honor Society in High School along with being awarded highest achieving student in multiple classes.

What is your advice to an incoming student?

My advice would be to take the time to study and really put those 1.5-2 hours per class in because it truly does help and makes life a little easier.

What are some skills that you feel that you have gained since attending UTSA?

I have gained better skills in responsibility, productiveness and I have also learned how to better my study habits.

I'm passionate about...

Reading! Music Addict My dog

I'm involved with...

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