Stephanie R.

Call Center Appointed Pathway and Ambassador at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2020

Hometown: Texas

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Concentration: Bilingual Education

Have you been in any leadership roles or received any recognition awards?

Being involved in organizations like this one, gives me the opportunity to find resources that make me a better student. Besides being a UTSA Ambassador, I am also in another organization called BESO, which is the Bilingual Education Student Organization. BESO gives me the opportunity to attend and present at different conferences, not only in San Antonio but also different cities in the country. During my time at UTSA, I have also been in the Dean's and President's List.

Why did you choose to become a UTSA Ambassador?

I chose to be a UTSA Ambassador because it is a wonderful way to be involved with the university. This program allows us to be leaders. It is a great responsibility. We are able to connect with other students in the university and we also help incoming roadrunners and their families. The idea of having a voice at our university is very important to me because it allows me to represent UTSA.

What is your advice to an incoming student?

My advice would be to not give up. It is never late to follow our dreams and set goals for the future. Even though life may be challenging sometimes, it is important that we all know that all the hard work and dedication will all be worth it soon.

What are some skills that you feel that you have gained since attending UTSA?

I feel like I have acquired many skills during my time at UTSA. My communication skills have improved tremendously, I feel confident when I speak to a large group of people. We also learn how to engage in teamwork, become better leaders, learn how to be creative, and work better with technology.

I'm passionate about...

Family Bilingual Education

I'm involved with...

- Student Ambassador BESO
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